Primary Teachers Exam (English)

To do away with” means-
Ans: get rid of
2. He talked as if he _______ everything.
Ans: had known
3. Which one is correct?
You, he and I are
4.what type of noun is “kindness”?
Ans: abstract
5. which one is the correct spelling?
Ans: Cigarette
6.Greenhouse effects the cause of _____
Ans:Gradual rise of temperature
7. while he __________ along the road a snake bit him?
Ans: was walking
8. Nobel price is considered the highest honour ________can be achieved
in various field.
9.Emperor Akbar— was a son of Humayun .
Ans:a great leader
10.I cut myself, here “myself” is an-
Ans: Reflexive pronoun
11.Which one isп an example of comparative degree?
Ans: Less
12.It is you who ________ to blame
13.Which one is masculine gender?
Ans: Ox
14. Which one is the synonym of “competent”?
15.I wish if I ______ a cricketer.
16.shakespeare is known mostly for his _____
Ans: Drama

# I will give you a map of the new town in case you …………. lost.
Ans: get
# Why……. angry with me yesterday?
Ans: were you
# This contrat will be confirmed …………………. December?
Ans: on
# …………………. is a good exercise.
Ans: Walking
# I shall look …. the matter.
Ans: into
# Our teacher makes us ………………. very hard.
Ans: work
# We insist on ………………. leaving the room.
Ans: your
# My situation was like out of the frying pan …. the fire.
Ans: into
# I would have lent you my notes if you ………….. me.
Ans: had asked
# No sooner had we started out for Dhaka ……………… it started to rain.
Ans: then
# Many scientists are still hoping …………… life on another planet.
Ans: to find
# If you don’t know what the word means, look it ………… ……………. a dictionary.
Ans: up, in
# She is so afraid of the dark that she can’t sleep ……………. there is a light on outside her room.
Ans: unless
39 to 45: Select the meaning of the English Word.
39. Humility
Ans: নম্রতা
40. Melancholy
Ans: বিষণ্ন
41. Immaculate
Ans: পবিত্র
42. Vengeance
Ans: প্রতিহিংসা
43. Placid
Ans: শান্ত
44. Diligent
Ans: পরিশ্রমী
45. Gallant
Ans: সাহসী

21. I’ve got _________ go ________ a job interview _____ Saturday next.
Ans: to, to, on
22. Is it more profitable to put my money in the bank or play the________?
Ans: market
23. Having been acquitted on all charge, he can now hold his head_________?
Ans: up
24. It is high time we ___________ ready or we may miss the train.
Ans: got
25. The Ambassador walked slowly________ the room ________ The queen.
Ans: along, behind
26. The idiomatic phrase ‘cash cow’ means:
Ans: a source of steady profit
27. The word ‘indigent’ is synonymous with the word
Ans: destitute
28. The word ‘acrimonious’ is the antonym of
Ans: hostile
29. Which of the following word is not correctly spelled?
Ans: extroversion
30. In the sentence “I already told him about the party”, ‘already’ is
Ans: an adverb
31. Which of the following is a feminine gender?
Ans: niece
32. The passive form of the sentence “I had already shown her photo to the policeman” should be:
Ans: The policeman had already been shown her photo
33. The indirect form of the sentence “She said, ‘It must be pretty late, I really must go’” should be:
Ans: She said she was very late and she had to go.
34. Choose the correct sentences:
Ans: Neither the workers nor their leader was present
35. Choose the correct sentences:
Ans: The clock struck 12
36. Choose the correct sentences:
Ans: The controversy is unlikely to die out.
37. Choose the correct sentences:
Ans: Soldiers were dispatched to put out the rebellion.

25. Laugh শব্দটির Noun হচ্ছে?
Ans: Laugh
26. Which one is plural?
Ans: Scissors
27. কোনটি Reflexive Pronoun?
Ans: Myself
28. ___ is it difficult ___dispose ___ waste?
Where, to, for
Where, for, such
Why, with, in
Why, to , of
Ans: d
29. Synonym for the word ‘vigour’ –
Ans: d
30. Antonym for the word ‘enormous’ –
Ans: C
31. The verb form of ‘necessity’ –
Ans: d
32. Antonym for ‘bankrupt’ –
Ans: d
33. He died ___ his country.
Ans: d
34. An ordinance is –
A book
A law
A newspaper
A manuscript
Ans: b

35. Who is called a ‘poet of beauty’?
William Wordsworth
P. B.Shelley
John Keats
Ans: c
36. ‘Out of out’ means? –
Not at all
Ans: c
37. ‘এবারের সংগ্রাম মুক্তির সংগ্রাম’ এর ইংরেজী –
Struggle this time is the struggle for liberation
This is liberation war.
This year’s fight is fight for liberation.
This year’s war is liberation war.
Ans: a

51. Choose the correct word to complete the sentence: He sacrificed his life for the country. He is a’an—
Ans: patriot
52.The synonym of ‘Inception’ is—
Ans: outset
53. ‘Get over’ means—
Ans: overcome
54. Choose the correct one:
Ans: Let Ruma and I go
55. In which sentence ‘that’ is used as a conjunction
Ans: He works hard that he may succeed.
56. The synonym of ‘mandatory’:
Ans: Obligatory
57. What is the meaning of the word ‘perturb’?
Ans: agitate
58. Who, which, what are—–
Ans: Relative Pronoun
59. The meaning of the word ‘coherent’ is—
Ans: Consistent
60. Choose the correct one:
Ans: He is not only intelligent but also creative
61. Find out the noun from the following:-
Ans: Wonder
62. What is the antonym of the word ‘Pale’?
Ans: Joyful
63. Who is the famous satirist in English Literature—
Ans: Jonathan Swift
64. What kind of noun is “man”?
Ans: Common
65. What is the meaning of ‘White Elephant’?
Ans: A very costly and troublesome possession
66. She was absent ________ her cold.
Ans: because of
67. Which one is adjective?
Ans: Eligible
68. The meaning of ‘yield’ is———
Ans: Produce
69. We sat ______________ the teacher
Ans: beside
70. Fortune___________ the brave.
Ans: favours
71. Every one ________ Ruma wants milk in the tea.
Ans: except
72. Now a days many villages are lit ___________ electricity. Which is the correct prepositions in the above blank?
Ans: by
73. What is the meaning of the word ‘Flimsy’?
Ans: Failure
74. The word “discrimination” is closest to—-
Ans: preferences
75. “Pediatric” is related to the treatment of —-
Ans: children

On the results of the survey …. and the type of campaign we shall
Depend the extent
Neither the salesman nor the marketing manager …of the system
is in favour
The chief competition, as well as ourselves …..prices this summer.
is obliged to raise
The decoration of the new office block, including the furniture and curtains ………….
is most pleasing
Please vote for the member …. has done the most for our village.
Whom you believe
ANTONYM: Accertion
ANTONYM: Applaud
Antonym: Default
To the ends of the earth: till losing one’s patience
A fools paradise means: A fool’s paradise-A false hopes for a fool person
To cry wolf : To give false alarm
A hard nut to crack : Problems that is very hard to be solved
Gift of the gab -Fluency of the speed
Fortuitous : Inherent : Gregarious :Introverted
Alleviate : Aggravate : Elastic : Rigid
Desultory : Methodical : Dissipated : Concentrated
Exempted : obliged : Immune : Susceptible
Opaque : Transparent : Concentrated : Dissipated

১. Do you know ____________ her name is?
২. An adjective is a
naming Word///substituting word///@@modifying word///qualifying word
৩. What is the translation of “ আমি তোমাকে খাওয়াই”
i eat you///i have eat you///I fed you///@@I feed you
৪.. The work is___________ by me
do ///@@ ́done///did /// doing
৫.. Physics ____________ a difficult subject
are///@@@ is///Will /// to be
৬.. Put the book _________ the table
above///@@on///in /// up
৭. His opinion is different _________ yours (confusing, different to, different from and different than all three are used )
tо///from///with ///@@ than
৮. The poet and novelist _________ come.
have///@@has///were /// was
৯. I will carry an umbrella in case
it will rain///it would rain///@@it rains///it rained
১০. “ May you be happy in life” what type of sentence?
১১. The boy Said, “ I shall go to school tommorrow” Change this
to indirect speech
The boy said that he shall go to school the next day///@@The boy said that he
should go to school the next day///the boy said that he will go to school tomorrow///the boy said that he would go to school tomorrow school
১২. | “I have a few friends. – which one is the correct negative form of this sentence
I can’t get any friend///I have not many friends///@@@ I do not have many friends///I have a lot of friends
১৩. Choose the correctly spelled word
Nomini///@@Nominee///Nominy /// Nomeen.
১৪. Which of the following statement is correct?
The patient died before the doctor had come B). The patient died before the doctor came///the patient died after the doctor came///@@the patient died after the doctor had come
১৫. Choose the correctly spelled Word
সাধারণ বীমা: সহকারী ব্যবস্থাপক ২০১৬
16. The baby had ….. her teddy bear down in bed next to her before she fell asleep.
Ans: laid
17. All of a sudden the students went … each other with sticks.
Ans: against
18. It is time that the Central Bank…………. interest rates.
Ans: put down
19. It is a good idea to buy gold in an attempt to hedge ……………. inflation.
Ans: against
20. Success in the aptitude test may be helpful for you to be taken …. as a Probationary Officer
Ans: in
21. Writing a beautiful sonnet is as much as an achievement as … a 400 page novel.
Ans: finishing
22. By the time I had reached the bottom of the mountain, I ….. extremely tired.
Ans: felt
23. The expression ‘put out to pasture’ means:
Ans: to impose early retirement
24. The synonym of the word ‘BUYOUT’ is-
Ans: Takeover
25. The antonym of ‘EFFUSIVE’ is-
Ans: reserved
26. The indirect form of the sentence: He said, ‘I had an accident yesterday’, is
Ans: He said that he had an accident the day before
27. Find the misspelt word-
Ans: malfeassance
Choose the correct sentence (28-30)
28. You, I and he are to blame for the mess.
Ans: I, you and he are to blame for the mess.
29. Ans: When the car arrived, we had walked for the whole three hours.
30. Ans: The bank is over the City Centre.

1.The best passive form of the sentence “The pill tastes bitter’ is:
a)The pill is bitter when it is tasted.
b)The pill was bitter when it was tasted.
c)The pill is bitter when it tastes.
d)The pill was bitter when it was tasted.
Ans: The pill is bitter when it is tasted.
2.One of the ……………of globalization is cultural …………….
a)effect, shock
b) effect, confusion
c) affects, surprise
d) effects, assault
Ans: d) effects,assault
3.The man ……………… down silently and …his food.
a)sit, took
b)sat, take
c)sat, took
d)sat, had taken
Ans. c) sat,took
4.Identify the plural word:
a) cactus
b) diagnosis
c) foci
d) goose
Ans. c) foci (meaning: foci is the plural of focus)
5.The masculine gender of the word ‘spinster’ is-
Ans. c)bachelor
6.The indirect form of the sentence, “Farida said o her mother, “I Shall go to bed now”. is-
a)Farida told her mother that she should go to bed now.
b)Farida told her mother that she will go to bed then.
c)Farida told her mother that she would go to bed then.
d)Farida told her mother that she will go to bed now.
Ans. c) Farida told her mother that she would go to bed then.
Choose the correct sentence (Question 7-9)
7. a)@@He agreed to my proposal.
b) He agreed at my proposal.
c) He agreed for my proposal.
d) He agreed with my proposal.
8. a) I don’t like to discuss about politics.
b) I don’t like discussing about politics.
c) I like not to discussing politics.
d) @@I don’t like to discuss politics.
9. a)@@ One of the boys is meeting me today.
b) One of the boy is meeting me today.
c) One of the boys are meeting me today.
d) One of the boy’s is meeting me today.
10. In the sentence ‘Cycling is certainly healthier than driving’, the word certainly is a/an:
a) adjective
b)@@ adverb
c) interjection
d) preposition
11. The phrase ‘Down to earth’ means:
a) Close to nature
b) Soft hearted
c) Thrown to the ground
d)@@ Realistic
12. What is the Synonym for the word ‘FIDELTY’?
a) Injurious
b) Repent
c) Praise
d)@@ Loyalty
13. The Antonym for ‘INGENIOUS’ is:
a) Crafty
b) Inane
c) Incompetent
d) @@Skillful
14. Find the misspell word:
a) @@Commitee
b) Enthusiasm
c) Extroversion
d) Recession
15. REPTILE is to LIZARD as FLOWER is to

English Part–35
1. choose the appropriate prepositions in the blank of the following sentence:
The family doesn’t feel __________ going outing this season.
Ans: like
2. Fill in the blank with appropriate use of tense:
I couldn’t mend the computer myself, so I _________ at a shop.
Ans: had it mended
3. who wrote “Biographia Literaria”
Ans: S.T.Coleridge
4. Othello gave Desdemona _______ as a token of love:
Ans: Handkerchief
5. Choose the correct sentence:
Ans: all of it depends on you
6. A chart was appended to the report. here appended means –
Ans: joined
7. The mother sat vigilantly beside the sick baby. here vigilantly is:
Ans: an adverb
8. Fraility the name is women. Here Fraility is:
Ans: Noun
9. Which of the following words is in singular form?
Ans: radius
10. “A rolling stone gathers no moss” The complex form of the sentence is:
Ans: A stone that rolls gathers no moss
11. The new offer of job was alluring. Here Alluring means –
Ans: tempting
12. “Who planted this tree here?” The correct passive voice of this sentence is
Ans: By whom was the tree planted here?
13. Education is enlightening. Here enlightening is:
Ans: A gerund
14. Use the appropriate article –
I saw ______________ one eyed man when I was walking on the road.
Ans: a
15. the word ‘omnivorous’ means:
Ans: eating all types of food
16. complete the following sentence choosing the appropriate option:
it’s raining cats and dogs, so –
Ans: make sure you take an umbrella
17. the phrase “Achilles’ heel” means:
Ans: a weak point
18. he worked with all sincerity. the underlined phrase “with all sincerity” is:
Ans: an adverbial phrase
19. this is the book I lost. here “I lost” is:
Ans: an adjective clause
20. which do you think is the nearest in meaning to “proviso”:
Ans: stipulation
21. Cassandra is a night owl, so she doesn’t usually get up until about:
Ans: 11 a.m
22. Select the word that is the most closely opposite in meaning to the capitalized word: DELETERIOUS
Ans: harmless
23. Gerontion is a poem by –
Ans: T.S. Eliot
24. Fill in the blank. ‘___________’ is Shakespeare’s last play.
Ans: Tempest
25. who has written the poem “Elegy Written in a country Churchyard”?
Ans: Thomas Gray
26. Who has written the play Volpone?
Ans: Ben Jonson
27. Shakespeare composed much of his plays in what sort of verse?
Ans: Iambic pentameter
28. The repetition of beginning consonant sound is known as:
Ans: alliteration
29. which of the following is not a poetic tradition?
Ans: The Comic
30. What is a funny poem of five lines called?
Ans: Limerick
31. Robert Browning was a _________ poet. Fill in the gap with appropriate word.
Ans: Victorian
32. P.B. Shelley’s “Adonais’ is an elegy on the death of –
Ans: John Keats
33. The comparison of unlike things using the words like on as is known to be –
Ans: simile
34. “Restoration period’ in English literature refers to-
Ans: 1660
35. “The sun also rises” is a novel written by –
Ans: Earnest Hemingway

51. Which of the following is correct?
Ans: He speaks neither English nor French
52. Fill in the blank with the correct choice: ‘How much did you ­­­the book?’
Ans: pay for
53. Another word for ‘prejudice’ is-
Ans: bigotry
54. A review of the patient’s eating habits showed that her diet was in vitamin B.
Ans: lacking
55. The bus is the expensive way to get around.
Ans: least
56. Which one is the subject in the sentence?
To defrost this fridge takes ages
Ans: to defrost this fridge
57.We must buy the tickets (next week). here next week is-
Ans: adverbial
58. The expression “He is all but ruined.” means­­
Ans: he is nearly ruined
59. The phrase “To embrace a habit” means-
Ans: to eagerly engage in it
60. Kim was written by­
Ans: Kipling
61. Which of the following is not true about Shakespeare?
Ans: Novelist
62. An elegy is a ­
Ans: poem of lamentation
63. Which of the following is chronologically in order?
Ans: Shakespeare, Chaucer, Eliot, Donne
64. Ben Jonson introduced ­
Ans: Comedy of humours
65. A cliche is a ­
Ans: a worm out statement
66. What does ‘apartheid’ refer to?
Ans: discrimination
67. ‘Renaissance’ means the­
Ans: revival of learning
68. Fill in the blanks: ­
If he hadn’t been so tired, he___ asleep so quickly.
Ans: wouldn’t have fallen
69. What is the antonym of ‘Apex’?
Ans: base
70. The word ‘ecological‘ is related to­­
Ans: environment
71. Which spelling is correct?
Ans: lying
72. Handy is the synonym of ­
Ans: useful
73. Choose the right preposition: ­­
‘We shall refrain doing it.’
Ans: from
74. Fill in the blank with the right word:­
___now follows is a party political broadcast.
Ans: What
৭৫. Which of the following is correct?
Ans: Sophieles’s tragedies are famous

51. “Heard melodies are sweet but those unheard are sweeter” is taken from –
john Keats
52.The passive form of sentence “ we made her recite a poem”
she was made to recite a poem
53.Which One is incorrect?
it is a quarter of eleven///it is a quarter past eleen
54.The man along with his neighbors __________working for the welfare of the people
55.The antonym of the word “theoretical” is-
56.Which of the following phrases means “to tolerate” ?
Put up with
57.____________________________,he would have succeeded.
had he studied regularly
58.What is the suitable word for “ A hater of Mankind”?
59.Times have changed and so ____________
have I
60.Everybody likes flower,_____________?
doesn’t he
61. It _____________ a hot day, we remained in the tent.
62. Opening the file, the detective took out a newspaper cutting. He “opening” is a/an
63.____________________ surprised me.
What you said
64.The sinner will suffer__________________
In the long run
65.Death is preferable _____________ humiliation
66.A person who writes about his own life writes __________________
an autobiography
67.English _____________ across the world.
is spoken
68.My wife reminds me ______________
Of my appointment
joy: sorrow
70.What is the objective of “Obey”?
71.Check the beast_____________ you.
72.The bag is too heavy __________________ to carry
For him
73.It was long since_____________
we last met
74.Uneasy lies the head_____________________
that wears a crown
75.He came here with a view to_____________
giving us a surprise
76. fill in the blank: She is fond of ______ to music.
77. choose the direct speech of the sentence: She told me to stand up.
She said, “Do stand up.” ///she said to me, “stand up.” ///she told, “Stand up.” ///she said me, “Stand up.”
78. Which is the correct sentence?
This is a true///this is true fact///this is fact///this is a fact
79. the antonym of the word, ‘baddy’?
80. class : student –
Team : player
81. ‘vice versa’ refer to –
the terms being exchanged
82. fill in the blanks: she aspires ____ a scientific career.
83. ‘procession’ is a _____ term.
84. choose the correct sentence.
though he is strong, he is lazy
85. “when wisdom brings no profit
To be wise is to suffer,” is taken from –
king Oedipus
86. ‘RAM’ means –
Random access memory
87. fill in the blanks : Turjo _____ the tree with an axe.
Cut down
88. He advised me _______ smoking.
to give up
89. five miles ________ a long distance.
90. ‘hamlet’ is written by –
William Shakespear
91. I wish –
I were a magician
92. ‘Quorum’ fits best with the meaning.
Required number
93. what is the adjective of the word ‘tax’?
94. ‘whom did she accuse?’ choose the right passive voice.
Who was accused by her?
95. which one is correct?
here he comes
96. The latin expression ‘i.e’ stands for –
Id est
97. Come on, it’s time to go home. Here ‘home’ is a/an –
98. ‘A mental illness in which somebody has a strong desire, which they cannot control to steal things’ is expressed by –
99. It’s time you _______ your mistakes.
100. ‘out and out’ means –
whole heartedly

Choose the answer that gives the clearest, most exact sentences but do not change the meaning of the original sentence.
1. Being a pleasant morning, he went out for a walk along the seashore.
Ans: it being a pleasant morning
2. his speech was optimistic, but at the end of it he stroke a note of caution.
Ans: struck a note of caution
3. please give him medicines if his temperature will rise.
Ans: if his temperature rises
4. men have been known how important the sun is to them.
Ans: men have long known
5. the pedestrians must have to be very cautious while crossing the road.
Ans: are required to be
#Pick out the most effective word from the given to make the sentence meaningful.
6. banks need to take into _________ various behavioral and motivational attributes of potential consumers for a financial inclusion strategy to succeed.
Ans: account
7. the rate _______ by the Bangladesh bank to aid this process of liquidity injection is termed as the repo rate.
Ans: stimulated
8. a company must never allow the ____ of high dividend to be funded by borrowing money and worsening its debt-equity ratio.
Ans: distribution
9. accountability is always __________.
Ans: upward
Hints: Authority and responsibility always goes downwards and accountability goes upwards. A subordinate remains accountable to the boss above him.
10. as air temperature rise, water becomes less _______ and separates from a nutrient-filled cold layer below.
Ans: dense
(In each of the questions there is a sentence of which some parts have been jumbled up. you are required to rearrange these parts, which are labeled P,Q,R and S, to produce the correct sentence. choose the proper sequence and mark in your answer sheet accordingly.)
11. it would
(P) appear from the statement
(Q) about the policy of the management
(R) in dealing with the strike
(S) that he was quite in the dark
12. By this time
(P) at the railway station
(Q) reported mass looking
(R) reports of violence were flooding in
(S) while police dispatches
13. the majestic mahogany table
(P) belongs to an old prince
(Q) which had one leg missing
(R) who is now impoverished
(S) but not without some pride
14. we have to
(P) as we see it
(Q) speak the truth
(R) there is falsehood and darkness
(S) even if all around us
15. there was
(P) needed for its everyday life
(Q) a time when each family
(R) for itself most of the things it
(S) actually produced
(Find the correctly spelt word:)
16. Find the correctly spelt word.
17. Find the correctly spelt word.
18. Find the correctly spelt word.
19. Find the correctly spelt word.
20. Find the correctly spelt word.
21. school : Tuition ::
Ans: church:tithe
22. multiplication: division ::
Ans: increase:decrease
23. actor: soliloquy ::
Ans: musician:solo
24. plaintiff:defendant ::
Ans: injured:accused
25. ernest:immoral ::
Ans: restrained:wanton

1. Education for all people ___ a mammoth task.
Ans: is
2. Man has no escape ___ death.
Ans: from
3. Today the world is passing through____ Juncture
Ans: critical
4. The old man can not help __ a cup of tea.
Ans: having
5. There is ____ milk in the bottle.
Ans: very little
6. কলমটি তার-
Ans: He is the owner of the pen.
7. বিনয় মহত্বের ভূষন।
Ans: Modesty is embellishment of greatness
8. কেটলিতে পানি টগবগ করছে।
Ans: The water is simmering in the kettle.
9. ট্রেনটি ঢাকা যাবে।
Ans: The train is bound for Dhaka.
10. The shirt is ___.
Ans: after my taste
11. What is the meaning of ‘prior to’ ___?
Ans: before
12. The suffering of the poor man ___.
Ans: beggars description
13. I wish I had seen you before. (Exclamatory)
Had I seen you before!
14. Beside going to the book fair, I bought a number of books. (compound)
Ans: I went to the book fair and and bought a number of books.
15.Do you find your payment too little? (passive)
Ans: Is your payment found too little to you?
16. There is little milk in the glass. (Interrogative)
Ans: Is there any milk in the glass?
17. I know him better than you.(positive)
Ans: You do not know him as well I know him
18. I am sure he (pass) the examination.
Ans: will pass
19. Walk carefully lest___.
Ans: you should stumble
20. People (talk) his courage even after his death.
Ans: talk of
21. Three-fourth of the work __ finished.
Ans: has been
22. We felt very tired. The word ‘tired’ used in the sentence is ___.
Ans: Adjective
23. The verb of the word ‘beautiful’ is-
Ans: beautify
24. The synonym of the word ‘huge’ is-
Ans: colossal
25. The Antonym of the word ‘unique’ is-
Ans: Common

76. What is the phural of ‘Magus’?
Ans: Magi
77. What is the verb form of ‘Power’?
Ans: Empower
78. Find out the correct sentence-
He insisted on my going to cinema///He insisted me to go to cinema///He insisted in my going to cinema///He insisted for my going to cinema
Ans: He insisted on my going to cinema
79. Which one is the correct passive form of the sentence ___’ He satisfied everybody.’?
Ans: Everybody was satisfied with him
80. What is the synonym of the word “Repress”?
Ans: Control
81. He talks as though-
Ans: he were a child.
82. What is the antonym of the word ‘Compulsory’?
Ans: Voluntary
83. What is the noun of the word ‘Confess’?
Ans: Confession
84. ‘সকাল থেকে গুঁড়ি গুঁড়ি বৃষ্টি হচ্ছে’ – the correct translation of this sentence is—
Ans: It has been raining since morning (appropriate is: drizzling)
85. ‘Black and blue’ means-
Ans: mercilessly
86. ‘He acted on my advice’ – complex form of this sentence is __
Ans: He acted as I advised him .
87. The word ‘Lunar’ is related to —-
Ans: Moon
88. ‘Maiden speech’ means-
Ans: The first speech
89. The girl was reclining ___ the couch.
Ans: on
90. Choose the correct sentence:
If he works hard, he succeeds.///If he works hard, he will succeed. /// If he would work hard, he will succeeded. ///If he worked hard, he succeeded.
Ans: If he works hard, he will succeed.
91. He went to bed after ___
Ans: he had learnt his lessons.
92. ‘A bolt from the blue’ means-
Ans: An unexpected calamity
93. The antonym of the word “Benign” is-
Ans: Malignant
94. ‘তাকে তিরস্কার করা হয়েছিল’ এর শুদ্ধ ইংরেজি কি?
Ans: He was dishonored
95. We helped him ___ the work.
Ans: finish
96. He fought ____ to defeat the enemy.
Ans: Tooth and nail
97. Had I been a king, I __
Ans: would have helped the poor.
98. Choose the correct synonym for ‘Extempore’
Ans: Impromptu
99. When you make a promise, you must not go ___ on it.
Ans: back
100. What type of man is quite the opposite type of ‘Supercilious’?
Ans: Affable

26. Apartheid refer to – discrimination
27. Manifestation’ means presentation
28. Cardiologist will be –Heart specialist
29. Correct Sentence? He has zest for music
30. steering of a car used for directing
31. adjective form ‘cartoon’ – cartoon boy
32. article I see you are _____ Wordsworth(a)
33.Spellig : tsunami
34. He takes pride _____ his wealth. (in)
35.verb and noun: waste
36’vivid’ –adjective
37. “Arms and the Man” – George Bernard Shaw
38. Robert Frost –USA
39. Public Universities are funded by –Government
40. If you had informed me before, I ___ you. (would have met)
41. the new rule is advantageous ____ us. (for)
42.To look quickly through a book is an important study skill. (@@skim)
43. correct sentence – either they or I am wrong
44. the witness cut a poor _____ in this cross examination. (figure)
45. she did not buy it _____ the price was so high. (because)
46. the word ‘mandatory’ means – obligatory
47. ‘I caught sight of her’ means –he saw her
48. BSTI – Bangladesh Standard Testing Institute
49. ‘pesticide’–insecticide
50. Antonym ‘ignorance’? Knowledge

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