Word Antonyms
Abandon Keep, Retain, Support
Abate Extend, Increase, Intensify, Enhance, Magnify
Abbreviate Enlarge, Protract
Abduct Restore, Release
Abhor Love, Adore, Favor, Treasure, Cherish, Admire
Ability Inability, Incapability
Abolish Restore, Construct, Establish, Validate
Abortive Fruitful
Abrogate Enact
Abridge Distend, Lengthen, Expand, Enlarge, Extend
Abstract Tangible, Actual, Concrete
Absurd Sensible, Reasonable, Conscious, Cautions
Abundance Dearth, Scarcity
Abundant Scarce, Exiguous, Insufficient, Paucity, Meager
Accede Decline, Deny
Accumulate Disperse
Acme Nadir, Bottom, Abyss
Acrimonious Sympathetic, Mild
Acquire Relinquish, Forfeit
Active Dormant, Torpid
Adamant Flexible, Pliable, Malleable
Adept Inept, Clumsy, Unskilled, Awkward
Adequate Insufficient, Deficient
Admire Despise, Hate, Criticize, Contempt
Admit Exclude, Expel
Admonish Commend, Allow
Adroit Bungling, Unable, Awkward, Clumsy
Adulation Criticism, Condemnation
Adulterated Purified, Blameless, Purify, Cleanse
Adversary Support, Advocate
Adverse Beneficial, Auspicious
Advice Blockage, Hindrance
Advocte Oppose, Attack, Opponent, Enemy
Advocacy Opposition, Hostility
Affectation Naturalness, Sincerity
Affected Unfeigned, Genuine
Affluence Indigence, Need, Lack, Scarcity, Affliction, Misery
Affluent Impoverished, Impecunious, Penniless
Aggravate Improve
Agree Disagree, Differ
Agitate Pacify
Alienate Reconcile, Reunite, Combine
Alleviate Aggravate, Worsen
Alluring Unappealing
Ally Enemy, Rival
Altruism Selfishness, Egoism, Malignity, Malevolence
Amalgamate Separate, Segregate
Ambivalent Definite, Unconflicted
Ameliorate Aggravate, Worsen
Amnesty Detention, Confinement
Amorphous Diaphanous, Distinct
Amplify Decrease, Deduct
Anarchy Peace, Order, Utopia, Discipline, Concord
Ancestors Descendant, Generation
Anecdotal Scientific, Experimental
Anemic Sparkling,  Healthy
Animosity Amity, Harmony
Annihilate Establish, Institute
Annoy Please, Appease, Calm
Anonymous Signed, Identified, Named
Antithesis Similarity, Same
Anxious Assured, Settled, Reluctant, Unwilling, Disinclined
Apathy Care, Concern, Infatuation, Initiative, Zeal, Attention, Responsive
Apex Bottom, Base, Nadir
Apocryphal Genuine
Apostate Loyalist, Supporter, Follower
Appease Annoy, Irritate, Aggravate
Applaud Censure, Condemn
Applause Criticism
Appoint Sack, Discharge
Apprehend Unconcern, Release, Misunderstand
Appropriate Unsuitable, Improper
Apropos Irrelevant, Inapposite
Arable Fruitless, Arid
Archaic New, Model
Articulate Mumble
Ascend Go Down, Descend, Fall
Assail Befriend, Uphold
Assuage Exacerbate, Aggravate
Atheist Believer, Devotee
Attraction Repulsion, Discouragement
Audacious Timid, Cowardly, Polite, Courteous
Augment Diminish, Lessen
Austere Luxurious, Elaborate
Avarice Generosity
Aver Repudiate, Disavow
Avers Eager, Avid
Aversion Eagerness, Inclination, Penchant
Awful Wonderful, Lovely
Awesome Disgusting, Boring
Awkward Dexterous, Adept



Word Antonyms
Baggy Tight, Fitting
Baleful Salutary, Benevolent
Bellicose Peaceful, Pacifice
Banal Stimulating, New and Novel
Bankrupt Wealthy, Solvent
Barren Fertile, Prolific, Productive, Fecund
Bashful Bold, Courageous
Begin Conclude, Terminate
Belief Incredible, Non Belief
Belittle Glorify, Magnify, Praise
Bend Straight, Plain
Benefactor Malefactor, Persecutor
Beneficial Useless, Harmful, Malignant
Benevolent Malicious, Cruel, Selfish, Greedy
Benign Malignant, Unkind
Biased Neutral, Impartial
Bigotry Board-mindedness
Blank White, Fair
Blame Thank, Approve
Bless Curse, Debase
Blunt Sharp, Pointed
Boast Spotless, Immaculate, Innocent
Boisterous Peaceful, Tranquil
Bona fide Spurious, Bogus, Be ashamed
Bondage Freedom
Boom Shrink, Collapse
Boost Depreciate, Decline
Brevity Prolixity, Permanence
Brief Lengthy, Proling
Bright Dreary, Somber, Sombre
Brittle Strong, Tranquil
Brutal Kind, Softheared, Merciful,



Word Antonyms
Cacophony Euphony, Melody, Symphony
Calamity Blessing, Good Fortune
Callow Mature
Callous Compassionate, Sensitive
Calm Abnormal, Agitated, Bustle
Candid Artful, Evasive, Devious
Candor Diplomacy, Dishonest, Hypocrisy
Capable Inept, Unskilled, Incompetent
Capital Minor, Secondary
Capricious Steadfast, Unchanging, Firm
Careless Careful, Attentive, Chary
Carnal Virtuous,, Divine
Caricature Portraiture, Statue
Castigate Extol, Cherish, Praise, Land
Cautious Careless, Inattentive, Rash, Rekless
Cease Start, Restart
Celebrity Notoriety, Commoner
Celibacy Union, Matrimony
Celibate Married, Conjugal
Central Peripheral, Marginal
Ceremonious Informal, Casual
Chaos Order, Harmony
Charitable Miserly, Parsimonious, Stingy, Unkind, Inhuman, Merciless
Chastise Reward
Cheerful Sullen, Glum
Chicanery Naivety, Honesty
Chide Praise, Compliment
Circumspect Rash, Reckless
Clandestine Overt, Aboveboard, Rash, Reckless
Clarify Obscure, Ambiguities
Clarity Confusion, Disorder
Clean Filthy, Unclean
Clear Equivocal, Nebulous, Vague
Cleave Unite, Connect
Clever Stupid, Foolish
Clumsy Adroit, Dexterous
Coalesce Separate, Divide, Segment, Split, Segregate, Sever
Coerce Persuade, Cajole
Corroborate Contradict, Disprove
Cold Hot, Warm
Collaborate Part, Divorce
Colossal Tiny
Commence Finish, Terminate
Commend Criticize, Censure
Commendable Deplorable, Infamous
Comfort Discomfort, Pathetic
Commodious Cramped
Competent Incompetent,  Unfit
Compliance Disobedience, Defiance
Compliant Recalcitrant, Cantankerous, Stubborn
Comply Disobey, Resist, Unconscious
Composure Discomposure, Hot-Headedness
Compulsory Voluntary, Optional, Unrequired
Conceal Manifest, Reveal, Disclose, Unearth
Concern Indifference, Callous
Concord Conflict, Disunity
Concur Dissent, Clash, Disagree, Diverge
Condone Denounce, Forbid
Conflict Resolution, Agreement
Confront Avoid, Dodge
Cogent Unsound
Coherent Confusing, Chaotic
Considerate Thoughtless
Consistency Variance, Incongruity
Consolidation Fragmentation, Disunion
Constant Changeable, Variable
Constructive Destructive, Useless, Worthless
Contamination Purity, Cleanliness, Rinse, Scrub
Contentious Amenable, Acceptable
Continue Discontinue, Quit
Contradict Corroborate, Confirm, Affirm, Support
Conversant Ignorant
Conviction Doubt, Hesitation
Copious Scarce, Insufficient
Cordial Reserved, Uncaring
Counterfeit Genuine, Pukka, Real. Authentic
Cover Uncover, Reveal
Cowardice Courage, Bravery
Crass Refined, Polished
Crazy Sensible, Sound
Credible Amazing, Marvelous
Crestfallen Elated, Delighted, Glad
Cruelty Kindness, Sympathy, Compassion
Crux Trivial  Point, Exterior
Culpable Innocent
Currency Obsolescence, Disuse
Cursory Careful
Curtail Detail, Develop, Lengthen
Custom Novelty, Newness
Cynical Gullible, Hopeful




Word Antonyms
Dastard Brave, Gallant
Daunt Encourage
Dearth Abundance, Plethora
Debacle Success, Achievement, Victory
Decay Strength, Power
Decry Extol
Decorous Unsuitable, Impolite
Defamatory Complimentary
Defend Attack, Hit
Degrade Improve, Aid
Dejected Happy, Elated, Optimistic
Deleterious Harmless, Aiding, Beneficial, Helpful
Deliberate Rash, Hurried, Unconscious
Delicate Strong, Tough
Delicious Displeasing, Distasteful
Delinquent Obedient, Responsible
Denounce Commend, Extol, Laud
Deny Confirm, Affirm, Concede, Permit, Authorize
Destitute Affluent, Wealthy
Desultory Planned, Organized
Deter Assist, Aid, Encourage, Persuade
Determine Hesitate, Vacillate, Waver
Detrimental Uneducational
Demise Birth, Creation
Demolish Generate, Create
Demon Angel , Cherub
Demur Believe, Consent
Deny Acknowledge, Confess
Deprecate Endorse, Approve
Depreciation Appreciation, Rise
Depress Encourage, Cheer
Desolate Populous, Crowded
Despise Admire, Esteem
Devoid Full of, Occupied
Dexterity Clumsiness, Ineptness
Dexterous Maladroit, Awkward
Diffident Confident, Hopeful
Diffuse Concentrate, Accumulate
Different Similar, Like
Diligent Lazy, Indolent, Careless
Diminish Enlarge, Intensify, Magnify, Appreciate
Din Quiet, Silence
Dire Unimportant, Worthless
Disappointment Hope, Expectation
Discontented Satisfed
Discord Harmony, Agreement, Consonance
Discreet Indiscreet, Careless
Disdain Admire, Esteem
Disheveled Unruffled
Dismay Joy, Contentment
Disparage Legalize, Exalt, Applaud, Praise
Disparity Likeness, Equality, Harmony, Accord
Disperse Amass
Dispute Accept, Welcome, Agree
Disregard Heed, Notice
Dissent Agree, Concur
Dissolve Expose, Appear
Distinguished Unknown
Divisive Unifying, Accordant
Diverge Adjoin, Abut
Divulge Keep Secret, Conceal
Docile Unruly, Rowdy, Disobedient
Doctrine Error, Disbelief
Dogma Unbelief, Ambiguity
Dormant Active, Awake
Dreadful Loving, Caring, Delightful
Drowsy Waking, Awake
Dull Flamboyant, Glowing
Dunce Intelligent, Genius
Durable Fragile, Ephemeral, Breakable, Delicate, Tenuous