Word Synonyms


Aberration Deviation
Abate Decrease, Spoil, Reduce
Abdicate Renounce, Relinquish
Abettor Conspirator, Assistant
Abeyance Suspension, Intermission
Abhor Hate, Detest, Loathe, Scorn, Condemn, Abominate
Able Capable
Ablution Washing, Cleansing
Abolish Abrogate, Cancel, Eradicate, Obliterate, Exterminate, Repeal, Revoke, Annul
Aboriginal Primitive
Abortive Unsuccessful, Failed, Vain, Futile, Useless
Abridge Shorten, Condense, Cut, Reduce, Compress
Abrupt Unexpected, Sudden
Abscond Flee, Escape
Absorb Engross, Imbibe
Abstain Refrain, Desist
Absurd Silly, Goofy, Unreasonable, Illogical, Irrelevant
Abundance Profusion, Proliferation
Abundant Plenty, Ample, Copious
Academic Scholastic, Pedagogical
Accumulate Heap up, Amass, Assemble, Gather
Acme Pinnacle, Zenith, Apex, Summit, Crown, Crest
Active Industrious, Up and doing
Acumen Brilliance, Insight, Sagacity, Cleverness
Adamant Insistent, Rigid, Stiff
Adept Skillful, Expert, Clever, Master, Competent
Adequate Enough, Sufficient
Adjourn To stop, To end, Delay
Admit Confess, Disclose
Admire Praise, Esteem, Respect, Appreciate
Adroit Adept, Dexterous, Deft
Adulterate Contaminate, Sully, Spoil, Pollute, Blacken
Adulteration Contamination, Corruption
Adversary Foe, Antagonist, Enemy, Animosity
Adverse Hostile, Unfavorable, Detrimental, Antagonistic
Adversity Misfortune, Difficulty
Affluent Wealthy, Well-to-do, Rich
Afford Provide, Bear
Agency Group, Organization
Aggravate Worsen, Intensify, Mitigate, Alleviate, Temper, Allay
Agitate Excite, Incite
Ailment Illness, Disease
Alacrity Eagerness, Enthusiasm
Alight Land, Descend
Alienate Estrange
Alert Observant, Watchful
Allegation Accusation, Claim
Allegorical Symbolic, Metaphorical
Allocate Distribute
Altitude Height, Elevation
Alteration Adaptation, Adjustment
Altercation Quarrel
Altruism Benevolence, Generosity
Amass Accumulate, Collect
Ambiguous Unclear,  Ambivalent, Equivacal
Amenable Agreeable, Willing
Ameliorate Improve, Get better
Amicable Friendly, Amiable
Amity Friendship, Harmony
Amnesty Forgiveness, Pardon
Analogous Comparable, Equivalent
Anarchy Disorder, Disharmony
Anger Indignation, Resentment
Animosity Antagonism, Hostality
Annex Attach, Add
Annihilate Vapourise, Demolish
Annoy Irritate, Disturb, Aggravate
Anomaly Irregularity, Aberration
Anonymous Nameless, Unnamed
Antagonist Opponent, Adversary
Antipathy Grudge, Animus
Antithesis Opposite, Reverse
Anxious Worried, Concerned, Alarmed, Nervous, Eager, Desirous
Anxiously Worriedly, Nervously
Anxiety Apprehension, Disquiet, Unease
Apathy Indifference, Insouciance
Appal Dismay, Frighten
Apex Zenith, Top, Summit, Pinnacle, Crest
Apocryphal Fake, Spurious
Append Add, Join, Affix
Appease Placate, Satisfy, Pacify, Allay, Mitigate, Mollify
Applause Praise, Compliments
Appraise Estimate, Evaluate
Apprehend Anxiety, Misgiving,  Arrest, Capture, Understand
Apprentice Learner, Novice
Apprise Inform, Advise
Archaic Obsolete
Arduous Difficult, Hard
Aroma Fragrance, Perfume
Arrogance Haughtiness
Articulate Enunciate, To say clearly
Ascent Jump, Climb, RiseMount, Scale
Assemble Unite, Congregate
Assiduous Diligent, Persevering
Assist Help, Aid, Support, Abet, Cooperate
Assortment Variety, Mixture
Assuage Pacify, Calm, Alleviate, Mitigate
Assure Ensure, Guarantee
Astute Perceptive, Shrewd, Keen, Sly, Canny
Atrocity Heinous act, Barbarity
Attempt Try, Pursue
Attribute Feature, Aspect
Audacious Daring, Adventurous, Bold, Insolent, Haughty
August Dignified, Noble
Auspicious Fortunate, Favorable
Authoritarian Autocratic, Dictatorial
Authority Power, Right
Avarice Lust for money
Aver Assert, Declare boldly
Aversion Distaste, Hatred, Reluctance, Antipathy, Unwillingness
Awesome Stupendous, Amazing
Awkward Clumsy, Gauch, Ungainly



Word Synonyms
Banal Trite, Hackneyed, Prosaic, Pedestrian
Baleful Ominous, Malevolent
Barren Infertile, Sterile, Unproductive, Arid, Impotent
Belittle Deride
Bellicose Belligerent, Martial
Benefactor Donor, Patron, Contributor
Beneficial Useful,  Advantageous
Benevolent Benign, Merciful
Bigotry Intolerance, Orthodoxy, Fanaticism
Blend Mix, Combine
Blink Twinkle, Sparkle, Flicker
Boast Show off, Brag, Plume
Boisterous Clamorous, Uproarious
Bombastic Pompous, Grandiloquent
Bondage Slavery,  Thraldom, Thrall
Bona fide Honest, Genuine, Authentic, Brag, Swank
Boom Flourish, Explosion
Bootleg Smuggle, Plagiarize
Bounty Generosity, Charity
Brag Boast, Swank
Brave Bold,  Valiant
Brazen Shameless, Impudent
Break Smash, Fracture
Breathtaking Amazing, Exciting
Breeze Light wind, Wind
Brevity Conciseness, Abridgment, Shortness, Temporarily
Brittle Fragile, Frangible
Brochure Pamphlet, Booklet
Brow Forehead, Temple
Browbeat Frighten, Threaten
Brutal Cruel, Inhuman
Buccaneer Pirate, Bandit
Bullying Tormenting, Harassed



Word Synonyms


Cacophonous Inharmonious, Harsh, Inconsistent, Discordant
Calamity Catastrophe, Disaster, Adversity
Callous Unsympathetic, Cruel, Impervious
Callow Immature, Inexperienced
Calm Quiet, Serene, Tranquil, Placid
Camouflage Disguise, Hide
Candid Frank, Straightforward, Frank, Sincere, Guileless, Outspoken
Candor Frankness, Directness, Sincerity, Forthrightness, Openness
Capable Adapt, Able, Adroit, Expert, Competent
Capricious Fickle, Changeable
Capture Apprehend, Confine
Careful Meticulous, Prudent, Thrifty, Cautions
Careless Negligent, Incautions, Imprudent
Cascade Waterfall,  Flow
Castigate Punish,  Criticize, Chastise, Upbraid, Reproach
Cautious Careful, Circumspect, Vigilant, Prudent, Alert, Discreet
Celebrity Superstar, Hero
Cereal Grain, Cornflake
Chaos Disorder, Mess, Anarchy
Charitable Munificent, Generous, Upsparing, Forgiving, Magnanimous, Merciful, Compassionate
Charm Allure, Appeal
Charlatan Impostor, Fraud
Chary Cautions, Cagey
Chastise Discipline
Chilly Cool, Frosty
Chimerical Fantastic, Fabulous
Circumspect Prudent, Judicious, Discreet, Clandestine
Clarify Elucidate, Explicate
Cling Clasp, Adhere
Clumsy Bugling, Awkward
Coalesce Unify, Consolidate, Unite, Amalgamate, Consolidate, Merge, Integrate, Combine
Coerce Force, Compel, Oblige
Coercion Compulsion, Pressure
Cogent Convincing, Persuasive
Cognition Meaning, Sense
Coherence Integrity, Consistency
Coherent Organized, Systematic
Coinage Currency, Money
Colloquial Conversational, Spoken
Colonization Settlement, Establishment
Colossal Vast, Mammoth, Gigantic
Commence Begin, Inaugurate
Commend Praise, Extol
Commodious Roomy, Spacious, Capacious
Compulsory Mandatory, Obligatory, Requisite, Coersive
Compensation Reward, Recompense
Competent Capable, Experienced, Adept, Skilled, Proficient
Compel Coerce, Force
Complacent Satisfied, Content
Compliant Obedient, Docile, Submissive
Comply Conform, Acquiesce, Obey
Composure Poise, Aplomb, Calmness, Serenity
Concealed Abstruse, Latent, Dormant, Inactive
Concentrate Focus, Muse
Concern Anxiety, Apprehension
Concur Agree, Coincide
Condemn Denounce, Censure
Condone Forgive, Pardon
Conducive Helpful,  Favourable
Confident Assured, Bold
Confirm Affirm, Prove
Congenial Pleasant, Genial
Congratulation Praise, Honour
Conjecture Guess, Assumption
Conjugal Bridal, Marital
Consequence Implication, Effect
Consensus General Agreement, Accord
Consent Approval, Assent
Considerable Substantial, Significant
Conspicuous Spectacular, Impressive
Consume Devour, Eat
Constraint Duress, Limitation
Construct Build, Constitute
Constructive Wholesome, Beneficial
Contaminate Pollute, Adulterate
Contemporary In Fashion, Modern
Contempt Disdain, Scorn
Contradict Refute, Dispute, Negate, Controvert
Contrary Opposed, Conflicting
Contrite Remorseful, Ashamed
Controversy Argument, Debate
Conversant Acquainted, Familiar
Convict Find Guilty, Declare guilty
Conviction Firm, Belief
Cop Police, Fuzz
Core Center, Midpoint
Corpulent Fat, Obese
Corrective Remedial, Curative
Counsel Advice, Direction
Craft Skill, Ability
Cramped Crowed
Crass Coarse, Crude
Crazy Insane, Lunatic, Delirious, Deranged
Credentials Diploma, Testimonial
Credible Believable, Reliable
Crestfallen Downcast, Deject, Depressed
Crime Offense, Sin
Cross-examine Interrogate, Question
Cruelty Ruthlessness, Maltreatment, Mercilessness, Atrocity
Cryptic Obscure, Mysterious
Culmination Climax, Peak
Culpable Blameworthy, Censurable
Cursory Quick, Hasty, Swift
Curtail Shorten
Custodian Caretaker, Curator
Custom Convention, Ritual
Cute Accurate, Attractive



Word Synonyms
Damage Compensation, Destruction
Dangerous Risky, Hazardous, Precarious
Dastard Coward, Craven
Dangle Swing, Hang
Daunt Intimidate, Frighten
Debacle Disaster, Collapse
De-facto In Fact, Actually
Dearth Scarcity, Lacking, Paucity
Decay Decline, Perish
Decry Censure, Disparage
Deed Document, File
Defamatory Libelous, Slanderous
Defect Fault, Flaw
Defence Resistance, Deterrence
Defile Dirty, Pollute
Deform Cripple, Bend
Defraud Cheat, Circumvent
Defy Disregard, Rebel
Deterioration Degeneration, Degradation, Dishonor
Degrade Deteriorate, Humiliate
Degrading Lowering, Debasing
Dejection Sadness, Gloom
Delegate Agent, Deputy
Deleterious Detrimental, Harmful
Deliberately Intentionally, Knowingly
Delicate Fragile, Frail, Brittle
Delinquent Offending, Aberrant
Delude Deceive, Trick
Deluge Downpour, Torrent
Demise Death, Ruin
Denounce Condemn, Censure, Vilify
Deny Refuse, Turn down, Contradict, Refute, Gainsay, Contravene
Depraved Vicious, Wicked, Immoral
Deprecate Disapprove, Condemn
Depressed Dispirited, Dejected, Gloomy
Deride Jeer, Mock
Derogatory Disrespectful, Discourteous
Desire Ambition, Impulse, Instinct
Despise Abhor, Detest, Hate, Loathe, Scorn
Desiccated Dried, Parched
Destiny Fate, Fortune
Destitute Impoverished, Insolvent
Desultory Disorganized, Random, Discursive
Deter Impede, Avert, Prevent, Obstruct, Stop, Discourage, Dissuade, Prohibit
Detrimental Educational, Pedagogic
Devise Form, Formulate
Dexterous Able, Acute
Dictator Tyrant, Autocrat
Dictionary Lexicon, Vocabulary, Glossary
Die Pass away, Peg out
Digest Abridgment, Abstract
Dilettante Amateur, Dabbler
Diligent Industrious, Hardworking, Persevering, Assiduous
Din Clamor, Uproar, Hubbub
Deliberate Preplanned, Calculated
Diminish Reduce, Minimise, Lessen, Abate
Dire Awful, Critical
Disappear Evaporate, Vanish
Disappoint Frustrate, Dissatisfy
Discernible Noticeable, Recognizable
Discontented Dissatisfied, Unhappy
Discord Dispute, Conflict, Cacophony
Discipline Regulation, Order
Discontented Miserable, Unhappy
Discuss Talk, Converse
Disdain Loathe, Detest
Disheveled Unkempt, Reffled, Disorderly
Disillusion Disenchant, Free
Disinterested Neutral, Impartial, Unbiased
Dismal Dim, Discouraging
Disparage Criticize, Belittle
Disparity Difference, Inequality, Dissimilarity
Disperse Scatter, Spread
Dissent Disagree, Oppose
Distinguished Famous, Celebrated
Distort Alter, Disfigure
Divergence Departure, Deviation
Divert Distract, Deflect
Divine Godlike, Sacred, Heavenly
Divulge Disclose, Reveal
Docile Obedient, Compliant
Doctrine Principle, Dogma
Dominant Powerful, Leading
Dormant Sleeping
Doubtful Uncertain, Questionable
Drastic Extreme, Severe
Dreadful Terrible, Horrible, Tragic
Dreary Colorless, Monotonous
Dub Call, Name
Dulcet Mellifluous, Melodious
Durable Enduring, Sustainable, Incorruptible, Lasting
Dusk Evening, Twilight
Dwindle Drop, Fall
Dye Color, Stain



Words Synonyms
Eccentric Idiosyncratic, Curious, Peculiar, Odd, Strange
Ecological Environmental, Natural
Economical Sparing, Frugal
Ecstasy Excessive, Joy, Rapture
Educated Cultured, Skilled
Efface Rub out, Expunge, Eradicate
Effigy Dummy, Statue
Effort Attempt, Industry
Effortless Facile, Easy, Simple
Elated Overjoyed, Jubilant
Electorate Voters, Constituency
Elevate Hoist, Raise
Eligible Suitable,
Eloquent Persuasive, Oratorial, Rhetorical
Elucidate Clarify, Explicate
Elusive Illusory, Subtle
Emancipate Set free, Liberate
Embellish Adorn, Decorate
Embrace Hug, Hold
Emeritus Retired, Resigned
Emigration Migration, Evacuation
Emit Discharge, Exhale
Emphasis Importance, Accentuation
Emulate Admire, Follow suit
Encomium Eulogy, Panegyric
Encounter Battle, Attack
Encourage Support, Boost
Endanger Imperil, Jeopardize
Endurance Stamina, Durability, Tolerance, Vulnerability, Continuity
Engender Produce, Create, Generate
Enhance Heighten, Magnify, Raise, Dignify, Accrue
Enmity Animus, Hostility
Enlarge Expand, Widen
Enquiry Investigation, Inquest
Enthusiasm Eagerness, Vigor, Ardor, Ardency, Mania
Entice Allure, Appeal
Envoy Ambassador, Emissary
Ephemeral Passing, Temporary
Epitomize Represent, Characterize
Epoch Era, Period
Equity Justice, Fairness
Equivocal Ambiguous, Vague, Cryptic
Erosion Corrosion, Attrition
Erratic Unreliable, Arbitrary, Abnormal, Irregular, Capricious
Error Blunder, Mistake
Essential Necessary, Crucial, Critical, Compulsory
Eternal Everlasting, Deathless, Immortal, Endless, Perpetual
Eulogy Admiration, Tribute, Encomium, Panegyric
Evasive Elusive, Deceptive
Exacerbate Aggravate, Intensify
Exaggerate Hyperbolize
Exalted Elevated, Glorious
Excess Surplus, Exorbitance, Excessive, Plethora, Overabundance
Exclusive Sole, Utter
Exhausted Drained, Disabled
Exonerate Exculpate, Vindicate, Acquit, Free from Blame
Exorbitant Excessive, Inordinate, Overpriced, Excessive
Exotic Foreign, Alien
Expatriate Emigrant, Deportee
Expect Await, Hope
Expedite Accelerate, Hasten
Expensive Pricey, Costly
Experiment Trial, Test
Explicit Unambiguous, Definitive
Exploit Achievement, Feat, Accomplishment, Heroic act, Performance
Expose Bare, Uncover, Reveal, Parade, Disclose, Bespeak
Expound Explain, Exemplify
Extempore Impromptu, extemporaneous, Unplanned
Extol Praise, Eulogize
Extraneous Foreign, Alien, Exotic
Extravagant Prodigal, Spendthrift
Exuberance Exultation, Excitement



Words Synonyms
Fabricate Manufacture, Build
Facetious Humorous, Jocular
Facilitate Aid, Assist, Expedite, Make Easier, Simplify, Ease
Facsimile Copy, Likeness
Faithful Loyal, True, Devoted
Fall Autumn, Drop
Famished Starving, Hungry
Familiar Well-known, Famous
Fatuous Inane, Vapid, Asinine Imbecile
Fascinate Captivate, Charm, Magnetize
Fastidious Disgusting, Choosy, Fussy, Particular
Favoritism Partiality, Bias
Fertile Productive, Fruitful, Inventive, Creative, Innovative
Fervor Ardor
Feasible Practicable, Workable
Feverish Zealous, Ardent
Fickle Mercurial, Whimsical, Capricious
Fictitious Artificial, Fictional
Fidelity Loyalty, Integrity, Allegiance
Fight Combat, Clash
Flame Fire, Blaze
Flamboyance Showy, Ostentation, Ornate
Flap Escape, Depart
Flatter Over praise, Today, Cajole, Inveigle
Flaunt Show off
Flavour Taste, Flavor, Essence
Flee Escape, Depart
Flexible Elastic, Supple, Easily, Bent, Malleable
Flimsy Thin, Delicate
Flourishing Prospering, Thriving
Fluctuate Vary, Vacillate, Waver
Futile Ineffective, Vain, Abortive, Supple, Inefficacious, Pliable
Foe Enemy, Antagonist, Opponent
Foil Frustrate, Baffle
Folly Foolishness, Idiocy
Foresee Anticipate, Predict
Formal Ceremonial, Official
Formidable Dreadful
Forthcoming Approaching, Upcoming
Found Establish, Erect
Franchise Privilege, Suffrage
Fragile Frangible, Brittle
Frugal Economical, Thrifty
Frustrate Thwart, Discourage
Fumble Bungle
Functional Practical, Realistic
Full Failed, Complete
Furtive Stealthy, Clandestine, Crafty
Fuss Agitation, Instigation